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Púrpura Chess

Púrpura Chess

SCORPIONS: "Return to Forever". 50 Anniversary, "Dream Festival" and new studio album.

It seems that this year will be the Scorpions 50 anniversary celebration. This band has been making music and making a millions fans happy (me too) since 1965. The Scorpions has sold more than a hundred million albums. This next February they release a new record and embark on a new world tour to celebrate his 50 birthday. Only a few bands can do this, and that’s ok.

                     Scorpions today.                                                

                                                    Scorpions 1965.

Scorpions are the dream and the vision of the well-known guitar player Rudolf Schenker. He jammed with a couple of friends in a Hannover’s cellar church back in 1965 and…till today. The first line up was R.Schenker guitar and vocals, Karl Heinz Vollmer guitar, Achim Kirchholf bass and Wolfgang Dziony drums and vocals. Their first name was The Nameless, but soon they changed to Scorpions, which they found fame and appreciation all around the world. He and the exceptional singer Klaus Meine have kept up the band together all these years. They played their first concert in front of a few students in a Hannover cinema and, step by step, they ended up touring all around the world and selling big arenas till today. 

                     Rudolf Schenker.                                                          Klaus Meine.

Rudi and Klaus have been accompanied by Matthias Jabs, another talented and special guitar player. He’s in the band nothing but thirty seven years with them. Matthias Jabs was known in the eighties like the European Eddie Van Halen, nothing more to be said. There has been many greatest musicians in Scorpions, legendary guitar players like Michael Schenker or Uli Jon Roth, just to give a couple of examples.

                                                    Scorpions with Michael Schenker.
                                                   Scorpions with Uli Jon Roth.

                                                     Scorpions with Matthias Jabs.

Now they are ready to release “Return of Forever”, a new studio album. First it would be a project to work again with some forgotten songs and demos from the eighties and nineties albums that never saw the light of day. But while they were working with these songs they saw the strength and power of them and started to work also with new stuff. Speaking to Crazyscorps in 2013, Klaus Meine stated about the progress of the recording sessions for this album: "When we started a few years ago, when we thought about this album, to put out something for our diehard fans, we were thinking about maybe we'd find some good material back in the '80s, and find some old diamonds and pearls, and we did. But between 2011 and now, and even this year, the songwriting process has still been strong as a songwriting team”.
“There will be an album out next year, and it's not so much about old material, it's much more about a new album and new stuff, new songs. Actually, I think we have two songs from the 'MTV Unplugged' where we said they would be cool if they would be on the album as electric versions, and the rest is all new. And that's a pretty good balance, I think”.

                            "Return to forever".                                    "We built this house".

The first single is “We built this house” and it was launched last Christmas via internet. It features the classic signals of the band: power and melody. In fact I really like this band for his personal way to put these pieces together.

                                                          Scorpions: "We built this house".

Other titles are “Rock my car” that the band played live in the 1986 tour (included Herman’s drum solo) or the wonderful song “Rock n Roll band”, included in the last live cd “MTV Unpluged Live in Athens” and one of the better songs that I’ve ever heard lately.

                                                        Scorpions: "Rock n Roll band".

                                                 You wanna know who I am
                                                  I’m in a Rock n roll band.


Now I’m going to share with you the 50 Anniversary Festival to the Scorpions and family related saga that I’ve got in my mind. Something like last Wacken celebration: “A Night to remember”, the same vibe. I would be a big monster three days concert. I’ve detailed the bands, players and set lists (I have chosen that each band plays at least one song of every studio albums of their discographies). Also I addressed approximate timings for each concert. To get it I’ve needed to medley some songs, they appear with this mark (/). Unfortunately for me, it’s only in my head. Anyway, here it is. To whom it may concern.

Herman Rarebell.       50m
Eloy.         65m
Uli Jon Roth.       95m
Scorpions (Tokyo Tapes Era)       105m  =  315m

Kottak.        20m
Dokken.        80m
UFO.         95m
Scorpions (Actual Era)      110m   =  305m

Kingdom Come.        55m
MSG.       85m
Scorpions ( All Eras)        170m   =  310m

                                                      THURSDAY SET LIST:

Actual Line Up. HR: H.Rarebell-drums, CR: C.Raab-sax, MV: M.Voss-guit/voc, CH: C.Hasler-guit, HB: H.Begg-key, AB: A.Baum-bass.

Take it as it comes
Messing  around
Your love is hurting
Rock your balls
Paint it black
Still loving you (Inst. The Rhythm Of Art)         35m
     --  -  --
I´ll say goodbye       DD
You give me all i need (Acoustic)     DD
Wipe out
Falling in love        GB        15m    50m

Guests: DD: Don Dokken-voc, GB: Gary Barden-voc.

Actual Line Up. FB: F.Bornemann-guit/voc, MG: M.Gerlach-key, KM: KP: Matziol-bass, BS: B.Schopf-drums, SM: S.Mann-guit.

Intro: Follow the light 
The sun song 
Voice of revolution  
At the gates of dawn/Time to turn/The challenge 
Decay of Logos/Ro setau 
The Tides return forever         55m
     --  -  --
Intro: The apocalypse 
Bells of  Notre Dame/Jeanne D´Arc        10m   65m

Actual Line Up. UR: Uli Jon Roth-guit/voc, LV: L.Vandall-voc, UR: U.Ritgen-bass, NT: N.Turmann-voc/guit, DK: D.Klosinski-guit, CB: C.Bahn-key, JL: J.Little-drums.

Sky overture
The sails of Charon
The magic world
I´ll be there
Yellow raven
Electric sun
Drifting sun
Winds of war
Hiroshima(TSG)/Earthquake (TSG)       70m
     --  -  --
Cry of the night
Until the end of time/E Lucevan le Stelle/Son of sky        10m
     --  -  --
Fire Wind
I´ll be loving you always/Atlantis       15m          95m

Tokyo Tapes Era. Tokyo Tapes Line Up. RS: R.Schenker-guit, KM: K.Meine-voc, UR: Uli Jon Roth-guit, HR: H. Rarebell-drums, FB: F.Buchholz-bass (or PM: P.Maziwoda-bass).

All night long
Pictured life
Backstage queen
This is my song
In trance
We´ll burn the sky
In search of the peace of mind/Evening wind
Fly to the rainbow
He´s a woman
Speedy´s coming
Top of the bill
Catch your train
Hound dog/Long tall Sally       70m
    --  -  --
Kojo no tsuki
Life´s like a river
Dark lady
Polar nights      20m
    --  -  --
Virgin killer
Hell cat
Robot man         15m           105m

                                                       FRIDAY SET LIST:

Actual Line Up. JK: J.Kottak-guit/voc, DW: D.Whsiton-guit.

World war love
Do you want to play
Generation X
Time to say goodbye
Rock and Roll forever      20m.

Actual Line Up. DD: D.Dokken-voc, MB: M.Brown-drums, JL: J.Levin-guit, MB: M.Boals-bass.

Unchain the night
Breaking the chains
Change the world
Just got lucky
Sky beneath my feet
Dream warriors
Alone again
Heart full of soul
This fire
Too high to fly
It´s not love        70m
     --  -  --
In my dreams
Tooth and nail       10m       80m

Actual Line Up. PM: P.Mogg-voc, PR: P.Raymond-guit/key, AP: A.Parker-drums, VM: V.Moore-guit, RL: R.De Luca-bass.

Intro: Misdemeanor Mix  
Flight night 
Let it roll 
Daylight Goes To Town 
Only you can rock me 
Makin moves 
Natural thing 
Stopped By A Bullet 
Outlaw Man  
Hard Being Me 
Blinded By A Lie 
Rock ready/Midnight train   
Come Away Melinda/Love To Love  
Hunger In The Night
Let It Rain 
Lights Out         65m
     --  -  --
Doctor Doctor        MS   
Rock Bottom          MS
     --  -  --
Prince Kajuku
Mystery Train          30m       95m

Guests: MS: M.Schenker-guit.

Actual  line Up. RS, KM, MJ, PM, JK.

Sting in the tail
Make it real
Is there anybody there
We built this house
The zoo
Coast to coast
Loving you Sunday morning
We’ll burn the sky
The best is yet to come
Send me an angel
Raised on Rock
Tease me please me
Hit between the eyes
Kottak attack
Six tring sting
Big city nights          95m
   --- - ---
Still loving you
Wind of change
Rock you like a hurricane          15m     110m

                                                       SATURDAY SET LIST.

Classic Line Up. LW: L.Wolf-voc/guit, DS: D.Stag-guit, RS: R.Steier-guit, JF: J.Frank-bass, JK: J.Kottak-drums.

Intro:Ain’t Crying For The Moon Mix
Living Out Of Touch 
Blood Of The Land 
Only Rainbows Know 
Who do you love
The machine inside/With the sun in mind 
Let the silence talk
Friends /Waiting/Across the universe(Acoustic)
What Love Can Be  
Hope Is On Fire         45m           
     --  -  --
Get It On  
Do You Like It        10m         55m

Actual Line Up. MS: M.Schenker-guit, DW: D.White-voc, WF: W.Findlay-guit, HR: H.Rarebell-drums, FB: F.Buchholz-bass.

Intro: Thank you 1,2,3,4 Mix
Before devil knows my name         DW
Where the wild wind blows         DW
Are you ready         DW
Pilot of your soul           DW, KK
No turning back/Aracnophobiac      DW, CL
Gimme your love       DW, RM
Anytime      RM
Nightmare/Gypsy lady  (Acoustic)       DW, RM, GB
Written in the sand       DW, LS
Into the arena/MS Junior/R         
I want you        GB
Lost horizonts       GB
I´m gonna make you mine     GB        70m
     --  -  --
Assault attack/Rock n Roll        DW, GBo
Armed & ready       DW, GB
Let sleeping dogs lie       DW, GB     15m     Total. 85m

Guests: KK: K.Keeling-voc, CL: C.Logan-voc, RM: R.McAuley-voc, GB: G.Barden-voc, LF: L.Sundin-voc, GBo: G.Bonnet-voc.


Raised on rock
Sting in the tail
Slave me
We built this house
Hour 1
Deep and dark
This time
When you came into my life ( New version)    
Actual line up. RS, KM, MJ, PM, JK.     30m                                                                                                                                                                 
          --  -  --                             
Speedy´s coming      JR
Top of the bill       RL
Living and dying     RL
He´s a woman she´s a man        HR 
We´ll burn the sky     HR                  
Line Up: KM, RS, MJ, UR, L.Heimberg-bass, JR: J.Rosenthal-drums, RL: R.Lenners-drums, HR: H.Rarebell-drums.  30m.
      --  -  --
In search of the peace of mind     WD
Coast to coast     HR
Love drive     HR
Anohet piece of meat       HR       
Line Up: KM, RS, MJ, M.Schenker-guit, L.Heimberg-bass, HR: H.Rarebell-drums, WD: W.Dziony-drums.  20m
     --  -  --
Bad boys running wild     HR
The Zoo      HR
Passion rules the game     HR
Can´t live whitout you     HR
Drum solo/Hit between the eyes     JK
Alien nation       JK              
Line Up: KM, RS, MJ, RR: R.Rickerman-bass, HR, JK: J.Kottak-drums.    30m 
    --  -  --
Bis I:
The good die young
Still loving you                                                    
Actual line Up. RS, KM, MJ, PM, JK.        15m               
    --  -  --
Bis II:
Coming home
No one like you
Six sting string
Big city nights                                                      
Actual line Up.  RS, KM, MJ, PM, JK.        20m                                                                           
     --  -  --
Bis III:
Rock and Roll band
Long tall Sally
Rock you like a hurricane              
Can´t get enough                                                
All Members.       20m                                                           
    --  -  --
A moment in a million years                            
Members. KM, AK: A.Kirschning-tecl.   5m      Total: 170m

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