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This blog is basically a musical site. Here we talk about the music we like, using different angles. As dear and missed Jon Lord once said: “Music is the highest kind of Art that exists”. I think the same way too.

Púrpura Chess

Púrpura Chess

"NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS". Gaby de Val's version.

Remember this powerful classic from Tina Turner. Recorded in 1973, "Nutbush City Limits" is an timeless tune, one of those songs larger than life. Many versions were recorded by great musicians.
Here's the personal Gaby de Val rendition. Followed by players like Gustavo Martín, José Martos, Josele Megía and Quique Rivero, they played this version last June in Madrid within the Animal Rock Fest. This festival is a charity concert organised by ALBA, a partnership for animals.

Not official recording, but great quality. Amazing Gaby's vocals. Please enjoy.


                                           Thanks to Gaby de Val for the video edition.

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  1. Great version and fabulous singer. Cheers...karma to all