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Púrpura Chess

Púrpura Chess

DEEP PURPLE. Official promo video clips.

Now we’re gonna talk about Deep Purple, one of the greatest bands all around the world, you know. We want to review one point in his particular world: the official promo video clips. Purple’s not the best band in this visual world, we really know about this. That’s for sure.

The promo video clip isn’t much older, one of the first videos ever made would be “Let there be rock”, from veterans hard rockers AC/DC, this track was visually recorded in a short clip back in the seventies.
The official promo videos grow up in the eighties with TV’s shows and musical channels like MTV and suchlike. What was being shown in MTV were the songs that people immediately known. The promo clip was the live home video and dvd big brother, it has had to fight in order to get his place in the music business. Nowadays you tube thing makes the promo video existence easier.

Deep Purple has always been a difficult relationship with video clips. Some group members have publicly said that they aren’t interested in promo videos at all. Even there’s one video that seems to be a joke talking ironically about the promotional clips. They usually release home videos with full shows and related documentaries. Anyway there are some great official promo videos and some obscure gems out there. It could be that a recording would see the light of day even if has been hidden in the vaults for more than forty years, anything is possible with Purple. Please join us to taste a bit of Deep Purple's official promo videos universe.

 “Hush”. Playboy Club. Tv: “Playboy After Dark”. Date: 23.10.68
It’s one of the early known Purple videos. It’s from the Mark I, with Nick Simper and Rod Evans. Recorded at the Playboy mansion, Hugh Hefner made a cameo in it, the sixties way of life. The band’s playing and people are dancing ready to lose their control. Great.

                                                Deep Purple: "Hush". Playboy.

“Hush”. Swimming pool. Date: 10.68. Released in 2013.
Recorded in a swimming pool, it’s funny and delirious. The musicians are miming and don’t play their instruments, Jon Lord playing a table, Simper running with a wheelbarrow… and Rod Evans swimming with a tiny and ridiculous bather. You should watch Jon’s splendid Chaplin impersonation. A very young Purple having fun. Good ol’ days.

                                               Deep Purple: "Hush".

“Black night”. De Lane Lea Studios. London. Date: 6.70
It’s one of the early Mark II line up promo videos. Those studios would be later the Ian Gillan’s property Kingsway Recorders. Deep Purple showing us his unbelievable potential.

                                                Deep Purple: "Black Night"

“Strange kind of woman”. Date: 1971.
Strange clip released in one of the multiple Deep Purple documentaries.  It’s really weird and bizarre, absolutely necessary for every Deep Purple die-hard fan.

                                                Deep Purple: Strange kind of woman".

“Smoke on the water”. Video released in 2014. From the 1972 single.
Forty two years since the edition of the best known anthem in the world. This song finally has got his own video clip.

                                                  Deep Purple: "Smoke on the water".

“Perfect strangers”. Date: 1985.
The great come back of the classic line up at the end of 1984. This video was shot at the “Perfect Strangers” recording sessions. It’s filmed like a documentary and it’s full of great moments. I remember when Blackmore said hello to the other members and when he came to Gillan he initially refused to shake Ian’s hands, just like a joke… and Gillan answered too. British humour.

                                                  Deep Purple: "Perfect strangers".

“Knockin’ at your back door”. Date: 1985.
It’s another great tune from “Perfect Strangers”. They released up to four promo videos. Purple was going all the way with this album.

                                                Deep Purple: "Knocking at your back door".

“Nobody’s home”. Date:1985.
This video was recorded live at the Providence Civic Center. Live sound, not from the album.

                                                  Deep Purple: "Nobody's home".

“Under the gun”. Año 1985.
Last “Perfect Strangers” video clip. It was assembled with some shots from other videos. Again for die-hard fans

                                                  Deep Purple: "Under the gun".

“Call of the wild”. Date: 1987.
The first single from “The House Of Blue Light”.  With this video they claimed their totally lack of interest about promo video clips. The plot was a producer who called to everyone searching to star the video and the players declined the proposition one by one. The video starts with Gillan laughing and saying a big no. Blackmore was especially jokey, the producer phoned to his secretary white he was tapping his guitar. The man in black didn’t answer to the secretary and kept playing as if nothing ever happened.

                                                   Deep Purple: "Call of the wild".

“Bad attitude”. Date: 1987.
Another track from HOBL. Featuring Ian Gillan.

                                                 Deep Purple: "Bad attitude".

“Hush”. Versión estudio 88’. Date: 1988.
Great and tremendous version from this old Purple Mark I track. This 88 version was recorded when the group was literally broken and Gillan was almost out. Deep Purple at his best.

                                                 Deep Purple: "Hush 88' ".

“King of dreams”. Date: 1991.
With Ian Gillan out of the picture Deep Purple recruited the vocalist Joe Lynn Turner and released the great and misunderstood “Slave & Masters”. Suddenly everyone likes photos, interviews and promo videos. Strange things happen. The shadow of Ian Gillan’s flying everywhere.

                                                 Deep Purple: "King of dreams".

“Love conquers all”. Date:1991.
Beautiful and sensitive song with a perfect video. One of the better Deep Purple promo clips.

                                                  Deep Purple: "Love conquers all".

“Sometimes I feel like screaming”. Date:1995.
Calm after the war. The Man in Black disbanded and the new Purple recruited the virtuoso Steve Morse. This one was the first single of the new line up. New vibrations came to the Purple world.

                                                Deep Purple: "Sometimes I feel like screaming".

“Haunted”. Date:2003.
It was the first single of their new album. “Bananas” maybe would be the best Morse-Purple record. It seems like the band was searching for a radio single. “Haunted” is a very inspired song, full of emotion and tranquility.

                                                 Deep Purple: "Haunted".

“Vincent Price”. Date:2013.
Last promo video to date and maybe the best. From the cd “Now What?!”. This song is dedicated to the last Vincent Price, one of the better entertainers of all time. This clip remains the B-movies. Look at the end of the video with all those wax statues.

                                                 Deep Purple: "Vincent Price".


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