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This blog is basically a musical site. Here we talk about the music we like, using different angles. As dear and missed Jon Lord once said: “Music is the highest kind of Art that exists”. I think the same way too.

Púrpura Chess

Púrpura Chess

JUDAS PRIEST. "Redeemer of Souls". New single and album.

The new Judas Priest single, “Redeemer of Souls” can be streamed now in You tube. This track will be also the tittle of the new cd, out in stores next July. It’s the magic of these days, no one buy a cd but the Single returns via You tube, Itunes and other digital platforms.

                                           Judas Priest: "Redeemer of Souls"

To be honest we’ve got to say that’s a really good track. Classical Priest spirit, beyond modernity and experimentation. Hard Rock straight between your eyes. Good news in these modern days.

This is the first studio release since “Nostradamus” 2008. Great conceptual disc but widely critiziced by die-hard fans. Just like Glenn Tipton say. "Sometimes in the past we may have come under fire for being too adventurous musically – so we have listened," and add. "From start to finish, 'Redeemer Of Souls' is 18 songs of pure classic PRIEST metal." Never hear this thing before from any band. No problem with nothing said about quitting show business. No one leaves, never. Thanks God for this.

Judas Priest got a high musical level now. His latest release sounds good to me. My last obsession was the awesome track “Diamonds & Rust”, taken from the live cd “Epitaph”. Rob Halford shows to the world his incredible charisma. Class act.

                              Judas Priest: "Diamonds & Rust". Hammersmith. Epitaph.

We know that no one gets fame and glory till appears with “The Simpsons”. Universal truth.

Now we’ve got to wait till next July and celebrate the 40th band anniversary and a brand new record. While it happens here is another great performance. Judas Priest singing “Out in the Cold” live on stage, the best song to open a live concert. The Halford intro, stepping the stage stairs in the beginning of the tune is one more reason to call him “The Metal God”.

                                          Judas Priest: "Out in the Cold". Priest...Live.

6 comentarios:

  1. Simpsons got the right.

  2. Incredible band and an even more incredible recording. Halford has always been one of my all time favorite frontman. What a day for the rockers of Atlanta, not only this amazing intro with Out in the Cold but also the entire concert played later that evening at the Reunion Arena.

    Adam "The Halford God".

  3. God Bless Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton...and Hommer Simpson.

  4. Love the " Priest Live Tour".. That was awesome.. But what about "Nostradamus"? Isn't the Real Judas...Cheers & Karma to all! 'The Electriceye' ;)

  5. Think the same too. Nostradamus wasn't what fans want to hear...let's see the new cd. Redeemer and March of the dammed sounds like classic Priest.

    Thanks and Karma.


  6. Thnak you Adam, Electriceye and Robin for your opinions. Interesting that Priest fans don't like "Nostradamus" and wonder why.

    Judas always been a band with different angles. When they recorded "Stained Class" they got a more darker sound , when "Turbo" with the guitar synths everybody said that wasn't real Judas, when "Painkiller" they got a speed metal spound. With "Nostradamus" they wanted to do a more complex and varied album. Not my cup of tea but the album has its moments: "Pestilence & plague", "Death" or "Visions" sounds great.

    Anyway...interesting opinions.