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This blog is basically a musical site. Here we talk about the music we like, using different angles. As dear and missed Jon Lord once said: “Music is the highest kind of Art that exists”. I think the same way too.

Púrpura Chess

Púrpura Chess

VAN HALEN…It’s summertime (I).

If there’s a band that really seems like summer it’s definitively Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen and his partner in crime David Lee Roth clearly are the right reference for this season.

It’s easy to connect Van Halen with the sun, the heat, a beach with a bunch of gorgeous women, the sun umbrella, the bikinis or a beautiful sunset in a beach bar seeing the vast and immense ocean with a cold beer in the table. You know what I’m talking about.

The song “I’ll wait” isn’t the most famous or well-known Van Halen track but is a great tune with a delightful melody. Recorded for the multi-platinum album “1984” (“MCMLXXXIV”, curiously this disc was published in the end of 1983). Every time I listen to it carry me to any summer night, walking in the sand and ready to get into any beach bar to have a drink and enjoy the life.

                                                Van Halen: "I'll wait".
The guitar genius Eddie Van Halen and the one and only David Lee Roth have always been in my life since day one. Every June they knock at my door and remind me how beautiful the summer is. There are many bands that play summertime but no one like Van Halen. That’s for sure.
Driven but probably the most important and influential guitarist in the whole world, Eddie Van Halen, this band has been writing song by song a one of a kind musical style that really touch the heart of many millions people. No one sounds like Eddie when Van Halen recorded the essential “Van Halen I”. Diamond disc…Diamond Dave.

And what about Diamond Dave. He’s the definite showman, the entertainment king. The man was born to be on stage taking the crowd to the ecstasy with his natural charisma. Our favorite cock rocker…the one and only Bugs Bunny with genitals.

Another great song is “Panama”. There’s a little story about the lyric of this song. You know that some kind of press has always criticized Van Halen. Some constipated journalist accused David Lee Roth of writing about nothing more than partying, sex and cars but Roth realized that he had yet to write a song about cars Although the song features some suggestive lyrics, it is about a car that Roth saw race in Las Vegas; its name was "Panama Express", hence the title of the song. This song contains one of my favorites David Lee Roth verses “Easy sit back”. Diamond Dave attitude.

                                                Van Halen: "Panama".
Another gem is “I’m the one” from “Van Halen I”. The track is fast and dynamic, always remind me the sun shining right in my face. The final vocal choir is awesome.

                                                 Van Halen: "I'm the one".

We talked about three songs but you can take any Van Halen cd. They are full of hits and songs that immediately may take you to someplace you have never been but always longed to be.

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  1. Totally agree...Karma & enjoy. Jeff

  2. Diamond Dave rules...The Duke.

  3. Interesting selection. I'll wait is my all time favorite Van Halen (and non Halen) song. Its good to see someone claiming the good of this song. Let's get some news from the Van Halen - Diamond Dave camp soon.

    Thanks and Karma to all. Cherish.

  4. Diamond dave the one and only Bugs Bunny with balls...hahaha...LOL.... Karma to all

  5. DL Roth/E Van Halen = Legend twins. The most fabulous summer tour of this year. F*** S Hagar and Van Hagar. ::::::==::::::