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Púrpura Chess

This blog is basically a musical site. Here we talk about the music we like, using different angles. As dear and missed Jon Lord once said: “Music is the highest kind of Art that exists”. I think the same way too.

Púrpura Chess

Púrpura Chess

Deep Purple. Dream Festival: Five days of music with all members, ex and related bands.

Maybe Deep Purple could be one of the most biggest, creative and prolific saga in music History. Purple’s got many related bands like Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gillan Band, Glenn Hughes, Phenomena, Alcatrazz, PAL, Iron Maiden, Satriani, Michael Schenker and many others groups with Purple’s members in their respective line ups. There are many great bands out there but no one like the Deep Purple family tree, no doubt about it.

Besides Deep Purple has been active recording and performing almost fifty years, except for the years between 1976 – 1984. They’ve had many members and many fights, they’ve lived the battle rages on and come hell or high water many times, but always creating and performing live great music and compositions. Not many bands have been working so many years. That’s the bottom line.

Unfortunately their recent Hall Of Fame induction showed the knowing tensions between some members, but I suppose that’s normal between number one artists like them. The Hall Of Fame is nothing but business, we all know this, and they showed no class forgetting musicians like the actual members Steve Morse and Don Airey or past members like Tommy Bolin, Nick Simper, Joe Lynn Turner or Joe Satriani. We agreed the main thing.


It seems impossible that all Purple members join on stage performing music. It would be a great festival, I think. This idea has been around my thoughts many times. This kind of dream would be a great Deep Purple Festival, with all Purple members and ex members with related groups. Let me tell you something about this idea.
It would be a mammoth five days festival, with five to six hours of music each day approximately, of course, cos we all know that time concerts with these musicians always be relative. Each day would be dedicated to different Purple members and related, and the final day would be a great all line ups concert.
One important thing in mind was to elaborate the different group’s set list at least with one song from each album published. We need to use some medleys to make it works cos we’ve got an extensive catalogue, just like Rainbow, Deep Purple, Dio or Whitesnake good old days. I’ve detailed the bands and players also. The medleys appear with this mark (/). Unfortunately for me, it’s only in my head. Anyway, here it is. To whom it may concern.



DON AIREY (Coloseum, Solo): Don Airey, Carl Sentence, Bernie Marsden, Jon Hiseman, John Mole.                          

K2 Overture                                                        DA,CS,BM,JH,JM
A light in the sky                                                 DA,CS,BM,JH,JM
The way I feel inside                                           DA,CS,BM,JH,JM
Secret places                                                        DA,CS,BM,JH,JM
Am I                                                                      DA,CS,BM,JH,JM
Put it that way                                                     DA,CS,BM,JH,JM
Na na na                                                               DA,CS,BM,JH,JM
Grace/Mr. Crowley                                                DA,CS,BM,JH,JM                    35m.

IAN PAICE (The Maze, Gary Moore, Paice Asthon & Lord): Ian Paice, Don Airey, Bernie Marsden, Paul Martinez, Neil Murray.

You’ll never stop me loving you                         IP,DA,BM,NM
I’m so glad                                                          IP,DA,BM,NM
Rockin every night                                              IP,DA,BM,NM
Victim of the future                                             IP,DA,BM,NM
Ghost story                                                           IP,DA,BM,NM 
Silas & Jerome                                                     IP,DA,BM,PM
I’m gonna stop drinking                                     IP,DA,BM,PM 
Steamroller Blues                                                IP,DA,BM,PM
Remember the good times                                  IP,DA,BM,PM
Wring that neck                                                   IP,DA,BM,NM
Empty rooms/The loner                                      IP,DA,BM,NM                             50m.

JOE SATRIANI (Solo, Chickenfoot): J.Satriani, Mike Keneally, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller, S.Hagar, M.Anthony, C.Smith.

Satch boogie                                                         JS,MK,MM,BB
Flying in a blue dream                                        JS,MK,MM,BB
Power cosmic 2000                                              JS,MK,MM,BB
Ceremony                                                             JS,MK,MM,BB
Up in flames                                                         JS,MK,MM,BB
Sleep walk                                                            JS,MK,MM,BB
Solitude/Three sheets to the wind/Rubina           JS,MK,MM,BB
Home                                                                    JS,MK,MM,BB
Crazy Joey                                                           JS,MK,MM,BB
A door into summer/Summer song                      JS,MK,MM,BB
I just wanna rock/Crow chant                              JS,MK,MM,BB  60m.
   --- - ---
Big foot                                                                 JS,SH,CS,MA
Oh yeah                                                                JS,SH,CS,MA
Crying                                                                  JS,MK,MM,BB
The crush of love                                                 JS,MK,MM,BB   20m.                 80m.

STEVE MORSE (Dixie Dregs, Kansas, Living Loud): Steve Morse, Dave LaRue, Van Romaine, Rod Morgenstein, T Lavitz, Jerry Goodman, Steve Walsh, Billy Greer, Rich Williams, Phil Ehart, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Bob Daisley, Don Airey.

T.O. Witcher                                                        SM,DL,RM,TL,JG
Cruise control                                                      SM,DL,RM,TL,JG
Riff raff/The great  spectacular                           SM,DL,RM,TL,JG
Ionized                                                                  SM,DL,RM,TL,JG
Up in the air                                                         SM,DL,RM,TL,JG
Take it off the top                                                SM,DL,RM,TL,JG    25m.

On the pipe                                                           SM,DL,VR
Simple Simon                                                       SM,DL,VR
Stand up                                                               SM,DL,VR
Tumeni notes                                                       SM,DL,VR
Busybodies                                                           SM,DL,VR
How does it feel/Errol Smith                              SM,DL,VR
Slice of time/Flat baroque                                  SM,DL,VR
Baroque and dreams                                          SM,DL,VR
Rising power                                                       SM,DL,VR                    40m.
   --- - ---
T.O. Witcher                                                       SM,SW,RW,BG,PE
Three pretenders                                                SM,SW,RW,BG,PE                  

Pushed me too hard                                            SM,JB,LK,BD,DA
In the name of god                                              SM,JB,LK,BD,DA       15m.         80m.

ROGER GLOVER (Solo, Episode Six): Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Nick Moroch, Mickey Lee Soule, Sheila Carter, Tony Lander, Mick Underwood, Glenn Hughes.               

Get ready                                                          RG,GH,NM,MUMLS
Sitting in a dream                                               RG,IG,NM,MU,MLS
My turn                                                               RG,IG,NM,MU,MLS
The mask                                                             RG,IG,NM,MU,MLS
Moonlight                                                            RG,IG,NM,MU,MLS
The four ring with the wind                              RG,IG,NM,MU,MLS

Put yourself in my place                                    RG,IG,SC,TL,MU
Love hate revenge                                              RG,IG,SC,TL,MU
Incense                                                                RG,IG,SC,TL,MU
Mr Universe                                                       RG,IG,SC,TL,MU
Stay with me baby                                             RG,IG,SC,TL,MU
I´ll be your baby tonight                                   RG,IG,SC,TL,MU
Something’s gotta hold of my heart                 RG,IG,SC,TL,MU
River deep mountain high                                RG,IG,SC,TL,MU       55m.
   --- - ---
Mozart vs the rest                                              All members
The purple people eater                                    All members
Via Miami                                                          All members
Love is all                                                         All members
Can’t believe you wanna leave                         All members                 25m.          80m.     

DAY 2: 

ROD EVANS (Captain Beyond): Rod Evans, Bobby Caldwell, Jeff Christensen, Simon Lind, Don Bonzi, Jeff Artabasy.

Dancing madly backwards                             RE,BC,JC,SL,DB.JA
Sufficiently breathless                                     RE,BC,JC,SL,DB.JA
Everything’s a circle                                        RE,BC,JC,SL,DB.JA
Oblivion                                                            RE,BC,JC,SL,DB.JA
Mesmerization eclipse                                     RE,BC,JC,SL,DB.JA                25m.

NICK SIMPER (Warhorse, Fandango, Quatermass II, Nasty Habits): Nick Simper, Ashley Holt, Peter Parks, Mac Poole, Frank Wilson, Jim Proops, Gary Davis, Bart Foley, Mick Underwood, Christian Schmid, Helmut Puschacher, Christian Heissenberger, Peter Brkusic.     

Ritual                                                               NS,AH,PP,MP,FW
Red sea                                                            NS,AH,PP,MP,FW

Slipstreaming                                                 NS,JP,PP,MP,FW
Hard drink & easy women                               NS,JP,PP,MP,FW

Suicide blonde                                                NS,GD,BF,MU

Roadhouse Blues/Slinky                                   NS,CS,HP,CH,PB
Hush                                                                NS,CS,HP,CH,PB                        40m.

TOMMY BOLIN TRIBUTE (Zephyr, James Gang, Tommy Bolin Band): Glenn Hughes, Johnny Bolin, David Givens, Billy Cobham, Roy Kenner, Stanley Sheldon.    

Huna buna                                                      GH,JB,DG
Going back to Colorado                                   GH,JB,DG
Alexis                                                               GH,RK,JB,DG
Red skies                                                         GH,RK,JB,DG
Quadrant 4                                                      GH,BC,DG

Teaser                                                              GH,JB,SS
Shake the devil                                               GH,JB,SS
Dreamer                                                          GH,JB,SS
Wild dogs                                                        GH,JB,SS
     --- - ---
Jump back                                                      GH,JB,SS                                     45m.

GLENN HUGHES (Trapeze, Glenn Hughes, Phenomena, Voodoo Hill, HTP, BCC, California Breed): Glenn Hughes, Doug Aldrich, Pontus Engborg, Tom Galley, Dave Holland, Dario Mollo, Joe Lynn Turner, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, Derek Sherinian, John Norum.

It’s only a dream                                            GH,TG,DH
Seafull                                                             GH,TG,DH
Touch my life                                                 GH,TG,DH
Keepin’ time                                                   GH,TG,DH         15m.

Soul mover                                                     GH,DA,PE,DS
Home land                                                      GH,DA,PE,DS
A right to live                                                 GH,DA,PE,DS
Under my thumb                                           GH,DA,PE,DS
Out on me                                                       GH,DA,PE,DS
Save me/Nights in white satin                      GH,DA,PE,DS
Love communion                                           GH,DA,PE,DS
Stoned/Owed to J                                          GH,DA,PE,DS
Coast to coast                                                 GH,DA,PE,DS
In my blood                                                    GH,DA,PE,DS     40m.
   --- -- ---     
Sensitive                                                         GH,DM,PE,DS
The well                                                         GH,DM,PE,DS
Make believe                                                 GH,DM,PE,DS

Devil’s road                                                   GH,JLT,DA,PE
On your marks                                             GH,JLT,DA,PE    
Losing my head                                             GH,JLT,DA,PE  

Black country                                                GH,JBo,JB,DS
Dandelion/Sweet tea                                     GH,JBo,JB,DS
Man in the middle                                        GH,JBo,JB,DS        40m.
    ----  --  ----
I got a woman                                               GH,DA,PE,DS
You kill me                                                   GH,DA,PE,DS
Still the night                                                GH,DA,JN,PE,DS      15m.                 110m.

DAVID COVERDALE (Whitesnake, Coverdale & Page): David Coverdale, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Ian Paice, John Sykes, Uriah Duffy, Tommy Aldridge, Steve Vai, Adrian Vandenberg, Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach, Joel Hoekstra, Jimmy Page.                                                

Come on                                                        DC,MM,BM,NM,IP
Walking in the shadow of the Blues              DC,MM,BM,NM,IP
Don’t break my heart again                        DC,MM,BM,NM,IP
Trouble                                                          DC,MM,BM,NM,IP
Fool for your loving                                     DC,MM,BM,NM,IP
Standing in the shadows                              DC,JS,UD,TA
Guilty of love                                                DC,JS,UD,TA
Now you’re gone                                          DC,SV,AV,UD,TA
Best years                                                      DC,DA,RB,UD,TA
She give me                                                   DC,JH,RB,UD,TA
Restless heart                                                DC,JH,RB,UD,TA
Coming home                                               DC,JH,RB,UD,TA        70m.
   --- - ---
Pride & joy                                                   DC,JP,UD,TA
Waiting on you                                             DC,JP,UD,TA               15m.
   --- - ---
Sailing ships                                                  DC,AV
Forevermore/Cryin in the rain                      DC,AV,JH,RB,UDTA
Here I go again                                             DC,JH,RB,UD,TA
Still of the night                                            DC,JH,RB,JS,UD,TA   25m.                110m.    


RAY FENWICK (Solo, Forcefield. Minute By Minute): Ray Fenwick, Graham Bonnet, Jan Akkerman, Neil Murray, Mark Nauseef.                                                                             

You really got me                                           RF,GB,JA,NM,MN
Year of the dragon                                         RF,GB,JA,NM,MN
Hit and run                                                     RF,GB,JA,NM,MN
Don’t mess with fire                                       RF,GB,JA,NM,MN
Back USA                                                        RF,GB,JA,NM,MN
The wind cries Mary                                      RF,GB,JA,NM,MN                         25m.

JOHN McCOY (Zzebra. Mammoth, McCoy): John McCoy, Alan Marshall, Steve Byrd, Liam Genockey, T Bone Rees, Nicky Moore, Mac Baker, Vinnie Reed, Al Romano.

Procession of the zzebra                                JM,AM,SB.LG
Poverty song/ Mr J                                        JM,AM,SB.LG
Panic                                                               JM,AM,SB.LG       

Fatman                                                           JM,NM,MB,VR
The demon rose                                             JM,TB,AR,LG
Nightlights                                                      JM,TB,AR,LG
I know a place                                                JM,TB,AR,LG                                  35m.      

COLIN TOWNS (Soundtracks, Mask Orchestra, Blue Touch Paper, NDR Big Band, HR Big Band): Mask Orchestra.

Intro: Magnus
The Cherry orchand/Double speak                
A dream of pain
The tea shop
NDR – HR Big Band medley
Night train widow face
Ripped to ribbons       

BSO Medley
Excerpt: Full circle reprise                                                                                        40m.

BERNIE TORME (Solo, Desperado, GMT): Bernie Torme, Chris Heilmann, Ian Harris, Phil Lewis, Dee Snider, Mark Rusell, Clive Edwards.

Wild west                                                        BT,CH.IH
Turn out the lights                                         BT,CH.IH
Partytown                                                       BT,CH.IH
River                                                               BT,CH.IH
Ready                                                              BT,PL,CH.IH
Man o means                                                  BT,PL,CH.IH
Star                                                                 BT,PL,CH.IH
Dark Horizon                                                BT,CH.IH
Your voodoo                                                  BT,CH.IH
Evil twin                                                         BT,JM,PG                   55m.
   --- - ---
Hang em high                                                BT,DS,MR,CE
Easy action/Punko Rocko                               BT,DS,MR,CE
See you at sunrise/Lighning strikes               BT,DS,CH,IH               15m.            70m.

JANICK GERS (Iron Maiden): Bruce Dickinson, Janick Gers, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Steve Harris, Nicko McBrain, Blaze Bayley.

Speed of light                                                 BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
Prowler                                                          BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
Wrathchild                                                    BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
Holy smoke                                                    BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
The wicker man                                            BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
Aces high/Wasted years                               BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
Man on the edge                                           BD,BB,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
When two worlds collide                             BD,BB,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
Rainmaker                                                    BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
The pilgrim/The alchemist                          BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
The evil that men do                                    BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM     
The trooper                                                   BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM      60m.
   ---  --  ---
Fear of the dark                                           BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM
Run to the hills                                             BD,JG,AS,DM,SH.NM      10m.       70m.

GILLAN: Ian Gillan, Colin Towns, Ray Fenwick, John McCoy, Mark Nauseef, Bernie Torme, Janick Gers, Mick Underwood, Steve Morris, Brett Bloomfield, Leo Haze, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bruce Dickinson.
Roller                                                          IG,CT,BT,JM,MU
No laughning in heaven                               IG,CT,BT,JM,MU
Living for the city                                         IG,CT,JG,JM,MU
Long gone                                                     IG,CT,JG,JM,MU
Nightmare                                                     IG,CT,JG,JM,MU
Mercury high                                               IG,CT,RF,JM,MN
Money lender                                               IG,CT,RF,JM,MN
Five moons/Down the road                         IG,CT,RF,JM,MN
Everything I need                                        IG,CT,SM,BT,LH
A day late and a dollar short                      IG,CT,SM,BT,LH
No lotion for that                                         IG,CT,SM,BT,LH
Moonshine                                                    IG,CT,SM,BT,LH
Mr Universe                                                 IG,CT,BT,JM,MU
Unchain your brain                                     IG,CT,BT,JM,MU    70m.
   --- - ---
Trashed                                                        IG,CT,TI,GB,MU
Fighting man                                               IG,CT,BT,JM,MU
No easy way                                                 IG,CT,BT,JM,MU
New Orleans/Lucille                                   All,BD                          20m.                90m.   


DIO TRIBUTE (Dio Disciples): Oni Logan, Joe Retta, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright, Scott Warren, Tracy G, Rowan Robertson.   
The last in line                                                          OL,JR,CG,RS,SW,SWa
Push                                                                           OL,JR,CG,RS,SW,SWa
Pain/Egypt                                                                OL,JR,CG,TG,RS,SW,SWa
My eyes/All the fools sailed away                              OL,JR,CG,RR,RS,SW,SWa
Rock and roll children                                             OL,JR,CG,RS,SW,SWa
This is your life/Man who would be king/Magica    OL,JR,CG,RS,SW,SWa
Holy diver                                                                 OL,JR,CG,RS,SW,SWa
Rainbow in the dark                                                OL,JR,CG,RS,SW,SWa         35m.

DOOGIE WHITE (La Paz, Midnight Blue, Chain, Cornestone, Y. Malmsteen, Empire, Tank, Demon’s Eye, WAMI, Michael Schenker): Doogie White, Steen Morgensen, Pontus Norgren, Tony Carey, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker, Wayne Findlay, Herman Rarebell, Francis Buchholz,

Arrival/Time machine                                  DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
Future rising                                                 DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
21 st century man                                         DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
De la luz/Too good to lose                            DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
Makin’ love                                                   DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
Abcense of angels                                          DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
Tahigwan nights/The dance                         DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
Great expectations /War nation                  DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
Wild woman                                                  DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
Epic/Brand new life                                      DW,PN,SM,TC,HR
Touch the sky/ Paraphrase                          DW,YM,SM,TC,HR
Before devil knows my name                       DW,MS,WF,HR,FB
Horizons/Communion                                  DW,MS,WF,HR,FB                             60m.

GRAHAM BONNET (Graham Bonnet, Alcatrazz, Impelliteri, Blackthorne): Graham Bonnet, Conrado Pesinato, Beth Ami Heavenstone, Mark Zonder , Chris Impelliteri, Bob Kulick, Howie Simon.

Night games                                                   GB,CP,BH,MZ
Underground                                                 GB,CP,BH,MZ
Evil touch                                                       GB,CP,BH,MZ
Over the rainbow/Falling in love with a st.    GB,CI,BH,MZ
Afertife                                                           GB,BK,BH,MZ
God blessed video                                          GB,HS,BH,MZ
Hiroshima mon amour                                 GB,HS,BH,MZ
Only one woman                                           GB,CP,BH,MZ
I’ll be your baby                                           GB,CP,BH,MZ
Will you stil love me                                     GB,CP,BH,MZ
My kingdom come                                        GB,CP,BH,MZ
Oh darling                                                     GB,CP,BH,MZ                                     60m.

JOE LYNN TURNER (Fandango, JL. Turner, Y. Malmsteen, Mother’s Army, Sunstorm): Joe Lynn Turner, Carl Cochran, Greg Smith, John O’Reilly, Paul Morris, Jeff Watson, Carmine Appice, Bob Daisley, Yngwie Malmsteen, Akira Kajiyama, Dennis Ward.     

Power of love                                                  JLT,CC,GS,JO,PM
In cold blood/Dark days                                JLT,CC,GS,JO,PM
Anything                                                          JLT,CC,GS,JO,PM
Imagination/ Waiting for a girl like you         JLT,CC,GS,JO,PM
Hypnotized/Losin kind of love/Headliner       JLT,CC,GS,JO,PM
One night stand                                              JLT,CC,GS,JO,PM

Mother earth/Dreamtime                                 JLT,JW,CA,BD
Fire in the moon                                             JLT,JW,CA,BD
This is who I am                                             JLT,JW,CA,BD

Emotional fire/I found love                              JLT,DW,GS,JO,PM
Keep tonight                                                   JLT,DW,GS,JO,PM

Sex and money/Blood red sky                          JLT,CC,GS,JO,PM    
We’re an american band                               JLT,CC,GS,JO,PM    
Heaven tonight                                               JLT,YM,GS,JO,PM
Losing you                                                       JLT,CC,GS,JO,PM                           65m.

RITCHIE BLACKMORE (Rainbow, Blackmore’s Night): Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night, Bob Noveau, David Keith, Jens Johansson, Doogie White, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner, Roger Glover.                                 

Shadow of the moon                                      RB,CN,BN,DK,JJ
Fires at midnight                                           RB,CN,BN,DK,JJ
Night at Eggersberg/Ghost of a rose              RB,CN,BN,DK,JJ
St Theresa                                                      RB,CN,BN,DK,JJ
Moonlight shadow                                         RB,CN,BN,DK,JJ
Spanish nights                                               RB,CN,BN,DK,JJ
Can’t help falling in love                              RB,CN,BN,DK,JJ                 30m.

Wolf to the moon                                          DW,RB,BN,DK,JJ
Too late for tears                                          DW,RB,BN,DK,JJ  
Tarot woman                                                GB,RB,BN,DK,JJ 
Eyes of the world                                          GB,RB,BN,DK,JJ 
Lost in Hollywood                                        GB,RB,RG,DK,JJ 
I surrender                                                    JLT,RB,RG,DK,JJ 
Spotlight kid                                                 JLT,RB,RG,DK,JJ
Can’t let you go                                            JLT,RB,RG,DK,JJ
Stone cold                                                      JLT,RB,RG,DK,JJ
Eyes of fire                                                    JLT,RB,RG,DK,JJ
Difficult to cure                                            JLT,RB,RG,DK,JJ
Stargazer                                                      GB,RB,BN,DK,JJ
Man on the silver mountain                          DW,RB,BN,DK,JJ
Since you’ve been gone                               DW,GB,JLT,RB,BN,DK,JJ     70m.
   --- - ---
The Temple of the king                               DW,RB,BN,DK,JJ 
Still I’m sad                                                  DW,GB,JLT,RB,BN,DK,JJ                                                         
Carry On Jon                                               RB,CN,BN,DK,J                       15m.     115m.  


JON LORD TRIBUTE: Miller Anderson, Don Airey, Roger Glover, Joe Satriani, Simon Phillips, Orquestra.                              
Fantasia                                                          RG,JS,DA,SP.
Sarabande                                                      RG,JS,DA,SP.
Pictured within                                              MA,RG,JS,DA,SP.
Durham awakes                                             RG,JS,DA,SP.
Guitar movement                                          RG,JS,DA,SP.
Continuo on Bach                                          RG,JS,DA,SP.
Burtwood                                                        MA,RG,JS,DA,SP.
One from the meadow                                   MA,RG,JS,DA,SP.
   --- - ---
Third movement                                            RG,JS,DA,SP.                                     70m.

DEEP PURPLE ALL MARKS: Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Steve Morse, Don Airey, Rod Evans, Nick Simper, Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale, Joe Lynn Turner, Joe Satriani.
Wring that neck                                             IP,RB,DA,NS
Hey Joe
Deep Purple                                                                                      15m.
Burn                                                                IP,RB,DA,DC,GH
Might just take your life
Lady double dealer
Hold on
You fool no one
What’s goin on here
Stormbringer                                                                                    45m.
Coming home                                                 IP,SM,DA,DC,GH
You keep on moving
This time around                                                                               15m.
The cut runs deep                                          IP,RB,DA,RG,JLT
Love conquers all
Truth hurts                                                                                        15m.
Highway star                                                  IP,IG,RB,RG,DA
Strange kind of woman
Knokin at your back door
Child in time
Woman from Tokyo
Call of the wild
Perfect strangers                                                                                65m.
House of pain                                                  IP,IG,RG,SM,DA
Uncommon man
Any fule kno that
Don’t make me happy
Sometimes I feel like screaming
Rapture of the deep
Things I’ve never said
Vincent Price                                                                                      70m.
   --- - ---
Hush                                                                All members
Smoke on the water                                                                           15m.             230m.   

6 comentarios:

  1. DEEP PURPLE Still Kicks ASS !!!

  2. Satriani was not a permanent official member of the band he never recorded officially with the band, SOS duty only like Randy california replaced Blackmore in 72 for one night show because Ritchie was ill at the time

    1. You've got the right. Randy California (RIP) performed with Purple. We should add a great Spirit tribute concert right now.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Deep Purple is almost a similar destiny like Uriah Heep has. They'll never get recognition in the USA, they're mostly forgotten/unknown in America (as are Deep Purple to a lesser degree), although they are part of the Big 4 of Heavy Metal pioneers.

    check out URIAH HEEP today they mostly play in a small village or a small province in Europe like Switzerland or Germany or Poland HA HA HA

  4. I'm completely agree with you, bluesy.
    Uriah Heep would be the second big & great saga in the whole world after Deep Purple. Unfortunately the glory days gone but still ROCKS!! They need another Dream Festival like this Purple extravaganza.

  5. Incredible set list and festival. Hope this dream come true someday.

    yeps. Yesterday Blackmore Monsters of Rock in Germany.